Healthy & affordable lunch box school meals for kids

The information given in this board is non medical and based on research and peoples personal experience.

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Let's share ideas of healthy but affordable lunch box school meals for kids.

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Noodles with veggies and boiled egg
Dodo and beans
Boiled plantain and sause
Jollof spaghetti and fried fish
Rice vegetable with chicken...etc

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One very important part of the lunch box meal should be nutritious foods like Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato or vitamin A Cassava or vitamin A Maize.

These foods are fortified and can give the child the daily dietary requirements even in small quantities.

A little trick or skill and every mother can transform these foods into what their kids will love.

Even their lunch drinks can be made from some of these staples.

The main idea is nutritious feeding not just food.

This is such a great idea Ma.

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Monday: Yam and egg/fish sauce

Fruit: Apples

Tuesday: white rice and stew with boiled egg.

Fruit: banana

Wednesday: Noodles with veggies and boiled egg

Fruit: Watermelon

Thursday: Beans and plantain porridge

Fruit: Grapes

Friday: Spaghetti Jollof

Fruit: Oranges

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Pancake with a bottle of fresh fruit juice

Jollof pasta

Beans with plantain

Vegetable Rice

Palmoil rice with dry or smoked fish

Noodles with Veggies and Egg

Boiled Potatoes or Yam with egg sauce

Porridge plantain and lots more.

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Monday white rice n stew with orange

Tuesday fried plantain with egg sauce

Wednesday rice n beans with fried fish with apple

Thursday spaghetti jollof with boiled egg

Friday fried sweet potato with fish sauce or stew with fried egg

Then the next week

Monday jollof rice with fish vegetable

Tuesday moimoi with fried plantain

Wednesday yam porridge with little ugu n diced chicken

Thursday white rice with veg stew n fruit

Friday fried plantain n potato with stew n fried egg

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Noodles and beans is a no no for me oooo, I cant allow my kids take it to school, reason bcus I hate eating dem cold, wen I eat cold beans it disturb my Tummy , wen noodles get cold I cant eat it,, but I can accept any other foodoooooo

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How I prepare for my 3years old.

Monday= jellof or coconut or fried rice with protein.

Tuesday= jellof garnish spaghetti with Egg

Wednesday= porridge yam, or potatoes(made with crayfish and scatter fish)

Thursday= fried or boil plantain and green

Friday= indomi and egg with vegetables.(carrot, green onions etc).

Then I normally add biscuits and drink because they bring her by 5pm or 6pm

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Please mummy stop putting indomie for irritates the lungs when cold.indomie is supposed to be eaten hot.

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How I prepare for my kids.

Monday=Rice and beans with fish or beef stew and snacks.

Tuesday=Jollof spaghetti with boiled egg and snacks.

Wednesday=Potato porridge with vegetable and snacks.

Thursday=Jollof rice mixed with veggies, boiled egg and snacks.

Friday=Beans and potatoes or plantain.

Water is very important for hydration.

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Mon - leftover from Sunday meals ( stew Rice,Jollof rice or Fried)with any protein

Tues- Jollof spaghetti and boiled egg

Wed- Beans and plantain/potatoes OR moi moi OR Okpa

Thurs- boiled potatoes or plantain with egg sauce Or fried plantain with egg sauce. OR Yam/potato porridge with ugwu and scent leaves.

Fri- fried noodles with veggies with boiled egg OR Jollof rice with fish Or fried plantain with fried egg.

They always take snacks, juice and water.

N:b I use a good flask that retains d temp.cause my kids don't like cold food.

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My menu goes thus: Monday- rice of any form

Tuesday-beans with plantain

Wed: Yam with stew or egg sauce

Thur: jollof spaghetti with any protein

Fri: jollof rice with beans mixture with protein

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No basic menu na as the spirit leads please make do with what you have at home and make it tasty 😊 for them 😋 and also try to always make what the like. If you love cooking u will never run out of ideas.

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My children's school encourages all foods so far you are able to package it without linkage. And thank God my children eat every good meal. E.g

Banana porridge

Yam porridge


Yam, plantain, potatoes with source

White rice with vegetables soup or source

White rice and stew

White Spaghetti with stew

Jellof spaghetti

Jellof rice

Mtn rice

Coconut rice

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