My son turned three in May.. He literally does not eat

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My son turned three in May, he has only grown 3 inches since May 2021. He is 35 pounds, 37 inches. Has anyone had any luck with pedisure? He literally does not eat.. last night he had three string cheeses & a banana for dinner.

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That’s actually a very healthy weight and height. Toddlers usually grow between 2-4 inches a year. 3 inches in 3 months is remarkable!

My son will be 3 next Monday - he weighs approx 27-28lbs and is 34.5 inches tall. Mini Boy. Stresses me out because people are always comparing and making comments about how small he is. At daycare pickup, my friends daughter (19 months) was there and one educator was like “they’re almost the same height” which I found so insulting. I was like can we stop commenting on sizes? Yes, he’s small but he’s perfect. It’s annoying. I was bullied at a young age by a family member because I was fat. She would buy us clothing that were 2 sizes too small and say “we would look sexy in it if we lost a bit of weight”

That led to being extremely uncomfortable in my own skin. That I ended up starving myself in high school and would throw out the lunch my mom would make so that she wouldn’t know I wasn’t eating. I was TINY in high school and even then, so self conscious.

Now I’ve gained a significant amount of weight after having a baby (not even baby weight LOL) and last year I cried because I didn’t like how I looked even to just go out for ice cream with my husband and kid.

I just realized I vented on something completely unrelated to your post 😂 can you tell I have issues?

I’m sorry!

Your son is perfect 🤍 and on a very good percentile for his age!
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