Lack of verbal communication

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I know it won’t last forever but it gets very discouraging seeing other children enjoy a variety of foods and mine making no attempts + lack of verbal communication…been very scared and put off from having another child even though I can tell my son is lonely

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Having multiples doesn't guarantee they will be friends or even get along unfortunately. It's wonderful when they do, but very sad when they don't, and you just don't know how it will pan out until it does. Sort of like being a picky eater (or not).

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I always feel sorry for them when they are missing out on yummy food. My little boy often doesn’t seem to really enjoy his safe foods either. He occasionally gets excited to try something new but doesn’t get far before something puts him off. 😞 if it’s any encouragement my second child has responded entirely differently to food. She is only 16 months so can’t say if she will end up a picky eater or not but so far things are going well for her at least

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Aww. I have two children. Oldest is a moderately PE and has a handful of allergies. I didn't let either of those stop me having a second baby, because I wanted two kids.

Second baby is less fussy/picky but has more allergies. However she's only 1 so I'm expecting pickiness to increase. We'll just see.

But really, 2 picky eaters isn't much harder than 1 picky eater. It's the allergies that are harder, so maybe it's perspective.

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Don’t let it stop you! Every kid is truly different. Mine are 18months apart & are complete opposites. My oldest is very intellectual & picky eater. My second could care less about learning, more hands on & eats extremely well. One comes home to snack on gold fish & the other snacks on green beans & peas!

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Same here. One and done. This wasn’t exactly the reason for that, but it’s the reason that will definitely solidify my choice. I was at a block party tonight watching toddlers eating all kinds of stuff. Mine ate 2 fries and a pediasure (thank God for that!). Wouldn’t even try the cake or her fave cookies, nothing! 😔 then I had to listen to her friends mom talk about a trip to the Bahamas & I feel like my travel days or over because she eats nothing when she’s not at home or grandmas. Depressing.

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If you feel in your gut that you want baby #2 or to give your child a sibling- then do it! My first child is super picky eater. My 2nd eats everything and loves food so much! They both have food allergies. They are best friends and I’m so blessed they have each other
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