What percentile are you picky eaters for weight?

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What percentile are you picky eaters for weight? Really just kind of curious because after my daughters check up, I don’t know if I’m in the right group

Post by Emily »

Mines at 55%. She had gotten down to 24th at 2 years old, but from 3 years to 8 years, we've maintained between 50 and 65%. She was in the 90's before 15 months.

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Both my kids are fussy. My 6yo son is on the 75th percentile for weight and my 4yo daughter is on the 9th percentile for weight. They've both been following their percentile line since they were babies (with the usual fluctuations when they start weaning and moving about more). It seems amazing sometimes that they can continue to gain weight and grow taller when they sometimes eat so little and don't seem to eat much variety

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We don't do percentiles but I'm sure my daughter is 100% she's solid and tall for her age but she has a lot of texture issues and only eats a few things 🤷🏽‍♀️

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My son teeters between 50-60th. He’s incredibly picky with sensory issues. Weight percentiles have nothing to do with whether or not you should be in this group. My son lives on all carb foods with little to no protein and barely any fruits and no vegetables. He’s “healthy” but his very short list of foods isn’t necessarily the healthiest. I worry about him becoming overweight or obese in the future because his diet is so limited.

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My son is in the 5th% he has always struggled with weight gain and the doctors have him on pedisure but unfortunately we struggle with that also he dose not like them so I’m always on edge at doctors worried about him getting a feeding tube it’s been thrown out there a few different times at his appointments he has eoe so they believe his eating issues stem from that but I am so lost on what to do to help him

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My son is on the 50th. But he was born on the 91st and did drop down to the 25th and they were thinking of bulk shakes but we ended up following their advice to really stick to and get to know his safe foods and he's doing really well. He literally eats pain au chocolate/chocolate chip brioche, sausage rolls, chicken nuggets and crisps!!! Sometimes he even refuses those! From some of the posts on here I can't understand why people are in this group (their kids seem to eat loads of variety) so I'm now wondering if my son is more ARFID

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We’re always hovering around 50th or a little above. But what does that even mean when your child only eats about 5 things and much of the weight comes from supplemental drinks & milk? That’s why these numbers don’t matter. Docs will say those #s are great but their are kids in much smaller percentiles who are at least eating some healthy foods.

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Being picky has nothing to do with weight! More-so just nutrition balance and stuff like … not being able to take them to restaurants & know they’ll eat lol. An adult can be a picky eater and still have a high bmi! If all you eat is chips and cake and you eat enough of it you will still gain weight

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I joined this group and one for underweight kids. Depending on what exactly your issues are different groups can help with different aspects.

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97th. Being picky doesn't mean they don't eat. My son eats just fine 95% of the time. He just only eats like 2 things

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Below the curve.. was like minus 10% from age 12 months to around 24 months, but just recently got back on the curve at 5%. At that point, the doctor just tells you to follow their own curve and as long as they are gaining weight over their prior appointment, it’s progress!

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Picky doesn't necessarily mean they don't eat enough to grow, just that they don't eat a big variety of foods.

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My son has been at the 99th percentile for everything size wise his whole life. But he has yet to eat a vegetable or fruit in it’s real form or any kind of dinner food… we spend a lot of the day eating because he won’t sit and eat a meal in a 30min window - if I only leave the food out that short he might not eat at all… yet he keeps his weight high. I just worry about his nutrition more than his weight.
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