He’s all about finger food, refuses to eat things that need a spoon/fork

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I realized that my picky 2 year old will eat some things if I tear them up into tiny pieces. As in, a mini muffin or a slice of bread will be ignored unless I tear them up. He doesn’t like to hold a big piece in his hand and bite off pieces by himself.

I figure this is a phase that will pass? Or is it something we should work on? He’s all about finger food, refuses to eat things that need a spoon/fork

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A friend of 4 healthy kids suggested this as a way to help picky eaters. Small amounts in small pieces so as not to psychologically overwhelm them.

Little children don’t like big portions often. They can always go back for more. It doesn’t matter how the food is on the plate if they’re eating it (I feel).

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Same here... if it's not bite size (tiny toddler bites) then he won't want to use his teeth to bite food

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Having hot lunch at nursery has helped his skills with cutlery
Most of what he’ll eat at home is finger food which is why I try to do cereal if we have time as he’ll use a spoon for that at least and I put spoon fork and knife now every dinner time and odd time he’ll pick up and cut up a nugget

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My 14months boy is the same! If it’s not bite size, he wont eat it, even if it’s his safe food! Following this topic

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My boy is a mixture and who know when he’ll change his mind sometimes he wants it whole other times in pieces but of course he never tells me I have to guess
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