My 4 year old keeps taking two bites of a meal and saying he's done

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Feeling frustrated 🙁 my 4 year old keeps taking two bites of a meal and saying he's done. I'd never not make him food obviously but im getting really tired of cooking food for it to hardly be touched, I can't afford to keep wasting food either

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I wrap up the leftovers and give it back when my daughter says she's hungry an hour later.

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Praise him for the mouthfuls he's eaten and maybe offer smaller portion sizes..I do this with my little girl..also another idea is to place bowls with the food on the table and everyone helps themselves that way they only spoon out what they want and think they can eat this works well with my children..and there's less waste

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I recognize the situation. Dietician suggested to make life easier for all of us: no more cooking of food that would barely be touched and was intended for child only and no more pressure for child to eat that food. We now make whatever is on the menu which child can take from or not and safe foods that will be enough to be satisfied. Less stress and food waste for sure. Dietician said there was little to no nutritional value so less stress would be more beneficial.

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I often find he's bored. Sitting at the table eating can be a bit boring. I let him get up, go play, come back if he wants to. When he says "I'm done" he usually doesn't mean "I'm full", he means "I'd rather be playing".

I also try to keep him engaged at the table. Ask about his day. Try to make him laugh. Let him sit on my lap and eat.

I also don't discourage him playing with his food. Eg taking a noodle, laying it across the table, saying it's a ladder. It keeps him at the table, he takes a few more bites as he goes.

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Right now my son ( he is 2 1/2) love those uncrustables sandwiches and frozen peas. He would eat that every day for lunch. I make my own uncrustables. He doesn’t know. He will only get grape jelly that’s it. And he would get a whole bag of peas if I let him. He only eats frozen blueberries to. But they are cut up. And if I make anything else and takes two bites. I’ll save it for my toddler and he will eat it. Or I will wrapped it up

For later when he is hungry. He loves dipping his peas in the chick-fa sauce. I’m happy he is starting to eat more food now. My husband will cut food up for him and my son has to eat off his plate that cut up. Which is working.

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The wasting of food is my biggest trigger
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