Whatever I try my daughter (2 years old) just will not eat breakfast

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Breakfast struggles.. whatever I try my daughter (2 years old) just will not eat breakfast. Does anyone have this struggle? I've tried varying the time, making it informal but nothing works.

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Some people just are not breakfast people I offer breakfast when I eat a lot of times he says no and then around 9am or 10am he will stop playing and come ask for breakfast we normally get up at 7am so it takes him a little while to be ready for food and generally it's just like 1 maybe 2 slice of sausage, some dry cereal, or a slice of toast not really a full breakfast but shortly after he is normally ready for lunch

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My son (2.5yo) was having huge meltdowns over breakfast. He would refuse anything offered but be demanding to eat and telling us he’s hungry. These meltdowns would last upwards of 45 mins. We wondered if he was getting to the point of being too hungry and therefore unable to regulate, so we trialled breakfast in bed. Absolutely not our ideal, nor did we ever think we’d do it, but it’s working for us. Instead of a 45 minute battle, we now spend 20 mins cuddling and reading books in bed while he eats breaky. Win, win!

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Some people just aren't big on breakfast. Will she eat morning tea? Or does she eat nothing until lunch?

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My kid was recently going through this so I started making scrambled eggs with cucumber (totally safe veg) for breakfast otherwise if they don’t eat they just don’t feel like it- I’m not big on breakfast in the morning

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My daughter will end up eating breakfast around 1 or 2 everyday...around 11 she'll have a yogurt or cheerios....she does wake up pretty late but she just doesn't like eating much in the morning idk why
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