I’m really struggling to get my two year old to eat healthy, any advice would be great tia

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Hi all, I’m really struggling to get my two year old to eat healthy, any advice would be great tia!

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Space out meals at least 2 1/2 to 3 hrs. Serve her an “appetizer consisting of food u want her to try” first and then the safe food. At least this has been working for my 19 month old. He’s been trying new food since he is very hungry. I smgive him his safe food after.

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Play to their strengths! My daughter's only big calorie food is pasta, so I get protein+ pasta from Target. My son only eats crunchy foods in the morning, so I get granola, dried fruits, and low-sugar fortified cereals. They won't eat meat, so I blend lentils into their pasta sauce.

They won't eat egg, so I get powdered egg and mix it into oatmeal. It makes it so much less of an uphill battle.

I would also recommend doing some info searching on different ways to get different nutrients. My life got a lot less stressful when I realized mac and peas had just as much protein and iron as a serving of beef

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In my experience, 2-3 year olds don’t really eat that healthy. They can be really stubborn and very apprehensive about trying new things. Just give lots of options at that age to get them used to different textures, scents, and tastes, even if it never reaches their mouth. Both of my girls started broadening their palates at around age 4.

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Sneak in veggies in a smoothie. We do blue berry banana and avocado smoothies in greek yogurt. There are ways you just gotta find what works for you and your kiddo.

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I half way gave up & just settled on eating. But I did start buying healthier snacks. Less dyes, less added sugars, etc this way it’s still a win/win

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Make smoothies!!
My daughter eats crap and I put stuff in smoothies and she loves them..other then bribing her to eat broccoli :lol:
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