He will say he doesn’t like the new food

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Hi everyone, I have a 5 year old boy who we have been struggling with since the age of 1. Last year we finally bit the bullet and put him in weekly feeding therapy. The therapy has helped a lot in terms of him actually trying new things and not crying as soon as he sees something different on the table. We food chain, so the new foods we try are similar to his safe foods but at least we are at a point where he is willing to try them.

That said 90% of the time, he will say he doesn’t like the new food. It could be anything from simply a different shape of pasta and he will say he doesn’t like it.

Does anyone have a child like this, such a tiny change and still we struggle?

We have no mixed foods so I can’t even fathom how long it will take to get him to try an actual meal, like a lasagna or fried rice and like it.

Has anyone had a child in therapy and know how long it takes to get to a state of regular trial of all foods. The process is super slow, and I’m trying my best not to get frustrated with progress!

Thank you!

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Our child is like this too but aged 6.

I think that the therapeutic process varies from child to child as there are so many variables in a case.

Any step forward is a step forward. What might help is to record the positive steps in a journal.

I understand how frustrating it is- same boat.

Some people just aren’t easy eaters and may stay that way their whole lives - one day research will find out more of why this occurs.

For now I just try to focus on the small positive steps. Hold your head up high- you’re getting there

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My 8 year old does this. We require 2 tries of each new food. Usually the 2nd time is a different reaction after the initial reaction to the change is gone.
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