Super High Calorie Snacks

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We know all the tricks for packing in calories at mealtime (bring on the butter and whipping cream), but really struggle with snack time. Our toddler usually eats best for snacks if they are served on the go (eats fantastically in her stroller) or while playing and her nutritionist has said it’s nice to break up the formality of seated meals. I’m struggling to find high enough calorie equivalents to things like the puffs and crackers she will gobble by the handful, especially since I think she’s still too young for things like nuts and doesn’t love dips, drinks or dried fruit. Any ideas?

Some snacks she currently loves:
  • Cheese puffs
  • Veggie straws
  • Goldfish
  • Fresh fruit
  • Everything chocolate

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Whole milk yogurt, string cheese, perfect bars, heavenly hunks dark chocolate oatmeal snacks, avocado brownies

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Not sure if you have them where you are, but I’m in Canada and we have something called z bars that I love for my kids. They’re essentially a kids version of a clif protein bar. I find ours at Costco

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Homemade chocolate avocado balls. Melt 6oz dark chocolate. Mix into 1/3 cup of mashed avocado, 1tsp vanilla essence, sprinkle of sea salt. Refrigerate to set. Roll into balls and roll in cocoa powder (optional).

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Not sure where you’re from but I’ve discovered Made Good mini cookies. They have a ton of vitamins and protein in them compared to other store bought snacks. Anything from the Made Good brand it’s great for more nutrients. (I don’t recommend the rice krispy squares though. They have a funky aftertaste.)

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How about introducing egg bites like at Starbucks

That would be amazing if she would munch on one or two of those on the go ..

Google egg bite recipe .. and you’ll get Starbucks copy cat ones

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Yogurt is always my go to for a snack with some nutrients.

He loves the stonyfield kind. Costco has them in bulk! NOKA pouches on amazon are high calorie and protein. We do one a day. They are pricy but the high everything in them is worth it to me because my child also doesn’t eat much of anything.

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How about biscuits slathered in butter, served like a sandwich. Or really any bread/butter sandwich. At that age my child also liked bread/cream cheese sandwiches. I find these very portable - just prepare in advance. Mini bagels with peanut butter. Some breads are relatively high in protein. Toaster waffles

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My 3 year old son loves bambas, hazelnut (chocolate) bambas, he LOVES the pizza flavored goldfish, he also eats nutrigrain bars, those packets of cheese cracker sandwiches with peanut butter in them, Annie's mini bunny fruit snacks.

One really annoying thing he likes is these Hillshire snack small plates. They're like expensive "grown up" lunchables. Salami, sliced cheese, and these crunchy melba toast rounds. Under most circumstances, the kid would hate everything in there, but when he catches me eating one, he steals half of it.

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I mean. She could def do nut butters if there wasn’t an allergy. Snacks can basically be smaller versions of meals too. Crackers, cheese and fruit if she’ll have. Muffins. My daughter eats chocolate yogurt . Where we mix chocolate , peanut butter vanilla and maple syrup into her green yogurt. ( she will not eat any other dairy other than shredded cheese so I’m not complaining.), pancakes. You could even make some sort of cookie or something that has a lot of stuff in it . I freeze smoothies into popsicle molds and they love those on hot days . Frozen bananas on a stick covered in chocolate is something I feel is fine for my kids to help themselves to as well. I’ll show you a pic. It comes out sort of like an ice cream bar.
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