My daughter.. Most nights she won't eat anything for dinner

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Hi I am new to the forum. I have a little one who just turned 2 and most nights she won't eat anything for dinner. I try to get her to eat but she ends up throwing the spoon across the kitchen.

I managed to get a spoonful of rice in her mouth last night and she spit it down her shirt. If she doesn't eat what I make I offer some yogurt or apples but last night She didn't even want that.

Dinner is a struggle every night and I'm lost as to what to do.

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Maybe she’s getting enough during the day and just isn’t hungry for dinner? If my 2 year old eats well all day I don’t stress about skipping dinner, but I’ll offer a snack and some milk before bed.

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How does she do the rest of the day? It’s actually pretty common for toddlers to “front load” calories for the first half of the day and then not want to eat dinner. It’s gotten better for us over the years to where my son now eats a bit more at dinner time (he’s about to turn 5 in two weeks).

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What happens if you ask her what she would like for dinner?
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