My 3yr old is such a picky child

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We need help!

My 3yr old is such a picky child and it is driving us insane. He gags to the point of throwing up if he doesn't like things and also sometimes refuses to try new foods. He does not eat any fruits or vegetables on his own. I try to hide it inside of things so he at least has something.

I am not one to force my kids to sit and eat something they do not like but ask them to try new things at least once. We all love fruits and vegetables and have it with every meal. We offer it to him each time but he never eats and gags when we try to have him take a bite. I don't want him to go hungry but this is stressing me out.

He is not under weight at all and he does still nurse at night, so at least getting some nutrition still!

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Honestly giving up some of that control really was a game changer for me. Providing foods my son likes while offering other choices with NO PRESSURE has worked amazingly for us. Just the sight of some foods used to make him gag and shudder but he now tastes and eats so many things.

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I’ve nothing for you we have similar here at times only to say he is absolutely adorable 🥰 and it looks like you’re doing a really great job. Motherhood is so hard. It isn’t at all what I was expecting. I didn’t think it would be easy mind you - but I didn’t think it would be this difficult at times either

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Agree with all that mentioned dropping pressure, but also just wanted to say Kudos for still breastfeeding! I know it has to feel good knowing he's getting those nutrients at least once a day. Some people might tell you it needs to stop, but if he's not using it regularly throughout the day, I don't see how that would be interfering with his appetite in any significant way. Know that he's getting those nutrients and try to give more freedom at meals :arrow:

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Tell, don’t ask, your pediatrician for a feeding therapy evaluation! This is done by an OT or SLP. They will look at sensory and oral motor and work on both of those areas as well as increasing variety of food….most likely starting with food chaining foods he will already eat that are preferred!!!

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Don't try to bribe to eat, or expect him to take one bite. That adds tremendous pressure. Put the food on the table and drop it. I would also stop nursing. He may be depending on that so he's skipping meals. If he doesn't have the nursing to lean on, he may feel hungry enough to try something new.

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There may be a sensory issue, I agree. Our 2,5 year old also gags when he has food with certain texture. But one thing that helps us is when he watches things on tv such as super simple songs videos where they sing about eating certain foods. He started to eat broccoli, carrots, and strawberries all because they were in songs. Something strange and may not help every kid, but may worth a try..

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My son who is now 6 is the same way. He does Occupstional therapy and feeding therapy and it’s been a game changer! i thought at first he was just picky, and stubborn, but reality he couldn’t help it .

Could be a sensory issue for your guy as well!

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Have you tried asking for a bite ofv their food? We always put the options on my daughter's plate but sometimes she doesn't want to try certain things. Instead of trying to coax her into taking a bite I ask if I can have one. Sometimes she'll say no and shove it in her mouth, sometimes she'll feed me a bite and then try it and other times she just really doesn't want it.

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What you described is exactly my 3.5 year old toddler. I read some of the comments and I was also too OT is an option. He already sees a speech therapist but he's always been super picky
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