in UK.. Do we get billed for electric monthly or every 3 months?

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Hi in UK just a quick question, Do we get billed for electric monthly or every 3 months? Am on a pre payment meter at moment.

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With a pre payment meter you use either a card or key to put money on the meter. You then use this until it runs out and then top up. It could be worth asking your supplier to change to a credit meter where you can pay by direct debit.

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I am billed every 6 months but pay a set monthly direct debit, I also have a smart meter so I can see what I spend daily/weekly/monthly.

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It's your choice how often you are billed, unless your provider dictates it as you are pre payment meter. You need to ask your provider as they are probably all different

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With eon have smart meter can see what spending each day and all bills are done on line no need to send bills out ,

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Pre pay meters are not “billed” as you use a key or a card to put money onto the meter but your utility supplier should send you updates on standing charges and cost per unit used

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I’m with octopus and I’ve never had a bill from them yet. I pay DD monthly. £228.
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