I'll be going onto monthly pay from weekly

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Hi all.. Just been informed as from October I'll be going onto monthly pay from weekly.. Paid the last day of the month.. Has anyone found this hard or easy.. I do budget very well just going to be different days of the month I'll be paid instead of every Friday..

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To be honest I loved monthly pay reason being, I had all my bills go out on the day after I got paid then I knew what was left was what I had for the rest of the month to budget with xx

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It's a pain when they do that. Best thing to do is work out your weekly pay. Once pay day comes transfer all but that weeks money out. Alternatively you could call your bill providers and ask for any dd to be a few days after pay day. Most are happy to do so. That way all bills are paid and you just have to budget for groceries and petrol etc.

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The first month is the worse, because its a fair few wks since you was paid, but you will get used to it, open another bank account and has soon as you are payed, transfer enough for your bills. Then don't touch that account for anything else. Then you can divide the rest up over 4 wks. That is wot you will have spare for food and petrol, and clothes etc.

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You will be fine as long as you budget properly for yourself. You will soon get use to it . Just do a breakdown of everything going out. Good luck.

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What I'd recommend is any ditext debits do at least a week after payday.. especially a mortgage. There was one occasion, years ago, when my work colleagues didnt get paid on payday due to an admin error and one or 2 had their mortgage payment bounce. I learnt from that so my mortgage comes out mid month in case it ever happens again

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It's awfully hard because you think you can finally buy food ect and then you get to week 2 and it's barbaric. Week 3 is of course the week you have penny and dream of pay day and week 4 is debt week where you borrow to get through. Week 4 is when you get into arguments about buying milk for the kids and snap for work. Unfortunately week 1 then becomes paying off week 4s debt and week 2 is the new week 1. It's a vicious cycle. I was on it for five years. You get used to it but it turns you slightly bipolar, especially if a birthday or even you forgot about crops up on a lean week. That's what keeps the endless cycle of depression going
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