I want to put up a thicker curtain for winter on my front door

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I want to put up a thicker curtain for winter on my front door. But it needs to onto my door, not the walls, due to how the frame is and its also a rented house.

I was looking at command strips but not sure if its going to actually hold. At the moment we just have normal sticky back tabs holding up a wire for the net.

These definitely won't hold a full curtain.

Can anyone recommend something?

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I used an extendable shower curtain pole above the door from wall to wall. Helps keep the sun out on those really hot days and the draught out in the cold months.Been up about 4 years now. Just pull the curtain open before opening the door.

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No point putting a thicker material on the door. You would need it in front of the door. You need a rail above the door to cover the intire door from draft.

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I bought an extendable rail (from that well-known online next day delivery store 😝). It’s really good and does not need any screws, hooks or command strips and holds curtains up really well. This was for my sons rented accommodation as he’s not allowed to put any screws/hooks etc. you can then move the curtain to one side when opening the door and it won’t get in the way.

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