Is buying a static caravan a waste of money?

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Hello everyone 🙂 We are thinking about to buy a static caravan. What are the cons for it? Thanks

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We did it for a few years. Although we enjoyed it, it was like buying an expensive car. Bought for £36,000 sold 2 years later for £16,000. Site fees and maintenance (gas, electric etc) was easily £6,000 a year.

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High site fees. My parents sold ours as you could have two good holidays abroad for cost of annual site fees. Like Rachel said, they make you buy a new caravan once tours gets to a certain age.

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We love ours. Try to get there most weekends and holidays from work. Expensive but to us well worth it as a lifestyle choice. Site closes for six weeks a year and we really miss being able to visit then. We can't rent out, but that suits us If you have enough money and never consider it an investment, as well as lots of opportunities for you and your family to use it then go ahead, but do consider the financial implications as it really can be expensive. It really is an individual choice depending on your circumstances.

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We have been considering it but are put off by annual site costs and how short the lease is left on many of them. We worked out that for us it is cheaper to keep renting cottages and we get to go somewhere different each time. We weren't interested in rentingcit to strangers either.

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Honestly better buying a good motor home. Static caravans depreciate in value rather fast. Hard to move. High site fees. Depending on site you chose can have restricted dates to be there .

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Years ago we bought one on a haven site. They said to help out with the costs they could hire it out for us. Whoever stayed in there had no respect at all for our caravan , i mean it looked like they had lay in bed with a cigarette and maybe just for something to do tried to burn a hole in the mattress as deep as they possibly could . You as the owner are charged for repairs to keep it in good condition. DON'T DO IT. !!!!

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We pitched a tourer on a site for 5 years, it was great cos once we had enough took caravan off site

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Depreciation.Escalating site fees. Have to upgrade after so many years on a lot if sites.
Sites taking a % when you sell.
Having to go to the same place all the time.
Camper/ motorhome much better

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Mate has had hers on the same site for must be 20 years old now.
It's wonderful.
She only used it herself to start with, then hired to trusted friends.
We can pop on a train for a hour & be by the sea.

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Not just site fees but gas and electricity. Some sites want you to upgrade when your van gets older.. if it’s new some charge a siting fee… and they lose money.. my parents had a new one and when dad died mum tried going on her own but didn’t like she lost loads on the purchase price though it was less than 2 years old.
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