Recommendation for best travel card for holidays or to take cash!

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Please, Recommendation for best travel card for holidays or to take cash.

Post by Carey »

Starling don't charge you when you spend money abroad

Post by Joanna »

Revolut card is brilliant. Add funds then Transfer into the country's eg euros and then put euros as your paying method and then you don't get charged the fees etc.

Post by Mike »

Chase. No Charges and 1% cash back. I’m backing that with a Halifax Clarity Credit Card again no fees.

Post by Graham »

Post office was easy for us loaded before we went away then you can top up if need more from your bank account

Post by Dave »

I used to use Caxton, a friend uses Monza and swears by it, I just use my normal credit card now, there’s not a lot of difference, if you’re planning on spending a lot of money then prepaid currency cards are worth the hassle if not then it’s not…. My Tesco credit card gives me interbank rate but charges 2.75% loading currency cards you get a lower rate (around 2% but varies by card) with prepaid cards though you almost always end up with some credit left over I think I lose around 1 cent in the £ for me this is acceptable
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