Do you know cost of meat?

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Hi next week my neighbour is taking me to Costco as she’s a member, I haven’t been there in years. What is worth buying? Do you know cost of meat?

At the end of summer I like to do huge batch cook for the freezer that last me at least 3 months so I’d be buying loads of mince meat beef, steak for stew, oxtail, loads of chicken and perhaps salmon cod I could portion.

Hit me with ideas of what I should buy to save few £.

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The cost of their meat has gone up, but the quality is so much better than any supermarket, totally recommend

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The meat is good quality, not the cheapest but way better than supermarkets.

Don't get carried away though, it's so easy to go in for one or two things and come out with £100 worth of stuff. If you have a fuel station, then fill up the tank!

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When I go to costco I always have my phone at hand to check prices against aldi etc. Costco isn't as cheap as many may belive. The fuel is the best buy in my opinion

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It’s not really cheaper except for toilet rolls and water which everyone else has said and personally I don't think it’s worth a special trip there.

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I always buy my washing powder from Costco it’s so much cheaper than supermarket and lasts ages
Cathedral city cheese is good value
The meat is more expensive but the quality is just the best
Flash floor cleaner is stupidly cheap, 5L is less than £5 !!

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We get their own brand toilet rolls and kitchen rolls, packs of white cotton dishcloths, catering size tin foil, dishwasher tablets, sacks of bread flour, frozen chicken kievs, Yorkshire tea bags. My daughter buys her meat there but the packs are a bit big for us, we couldn't fit it all in the freezer. It's really nice quality though.

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40 bottles of water £3.54 that’s with vat on top already. Fabric softener 220 washes less that £7 with vat on it. I didn’t buy meat this time but sometimes I do I just stocked up on water fabric softener pot noddles loo roll etc
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