Does anyone use a “grocery list” app?

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I just have a quick question please. Does anyone use a “grocery list” app. Not linked to a store but one where I can add and sort etc. Thank you

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I use "any list" app. You can create recipes and it adds the ingredients you need. It has a calendar so you can add your meals to specific days. Or you can make any sort of list you want. Multiple family users can add to the list but I think you need to pay a subscription for that part.

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I use Our Groceries app. It's quite good as you can share with multiple users. My husband and I use it so each of us can add whatever we want and it automatically updates for the other

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I don't use my phone, I've typed up all the things I buy, printed a few off, then I just highlight the things we need, at the bottom I've left a space for notes.

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My ones is called shop shop, you tap the shopping as you buy it and it put a line through it, you then shake your phone and it disappears from the list, but stays on the app for next time, it’s brilliant

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I use the one in Alexa. I can tell the echo dot, my phone or my watch to add things to the list. In the app it is also a checklist. I think you can also set up to add it straight into a supermarket basket app too.

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If you have Alexa you can add a shopping list and pick it up on your phone.

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My app is a bit old fashioned I’m afraid ….. pen & paper :lol:
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