Has anyone ever put new carpet on top of an old carpet instead of underlay?

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Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about my issue.. Has anyone ever put new carpet on top of an old carpet instead of underlay?

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No the greases and dirt in the old carpet will come up through new . Spend a little extra for underlay . The carpet will last longer and act as insulation.

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My understanding is that it is the underlay that is most important in extending the life of a carpet and it also adds alot of insulation. If it were me, I would put a thicker and better quality underlay down.

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If a fault develops with the new carpet, you wouldn't be able to complain, about the carpet or fitting as its not been fitted to industry standards. If you worried about the price of underlay look on line you get some great prices.

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My landlady would let us take and old threadbare carpet up. Steam cleaned it and laid underlay and carpet on top. Moved after 10 years and took ours up so she could see hers. Never a problem with it.

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We have. We have one bedroom over the alleyway & got cold in winter. We had a great cheap market with off cuts. The room is small so used one of their bits.... much warmer up there & quieter too.

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Yes.. shampooed the old carpet.. then fitted new on top.. and I mean fitted it not just a quick cut in..lasted a good 8 years with no movement or bubbling..

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