Day 4 of my water fast

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Day 4 of my water fast. trying to get to day 7 if i make it to day 7 am going till day 20..after day 20..ill do clean keto one meal a day....i am currently 220... I been on keto on and off the past 2 years and only lost 19 pounds because of my lack of discipline.

So this time and giving it my all...this is the only gift i want for my birthday October 25th to lose 40 pounds or more and I intend to keep that off and continue..

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I know what you mean, I feel like I have no willpower and I have to be super strict with myself if I'm going to get results. I've considered having only nutrition shakes twice a day and a protein/veg dinner vs keto because I'll always be looking for substitutes instead of just eating healthy.

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Oh man. You are torturing yourself for no gain in your weight loss! The beauty of Keto, strict Keto is hard enough, is that after 2 months your body morphs into a much skinnier version of yourself ever. Just keeping Carbs at 20-ish

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I’ve done 9 days. It’s possible, but you will get pretty weak. Make sure you take electrolytes. Post here after, I am curious about your experience. The truth is being in ketosis first and on keto for 2-4 weeks, will make your water fast easier because your body is already adjusting to function on ketones. Good luck!

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U are going to wind up in organ shutdown if u do just water for 20 days. Regardless of how much extra weight u are carrying, if u are not providing nutrients for your body, it will go to your muscles and organs for what it needs. U will also set your metabolism so that when u start to eat again, even on a sensible diet, u will not be able to lose weight. Its why those of us who did 'fad diets' are having so much trouble losing weight now ...and its also why if u eat too few calories, u don't lose weight...which is what will also happen on a 20 day water fast..u will feel weak and sick..and u wont lose weight anyway after a certain point. Not trying to be negative, because i do support everyones journey here, but i dont want to see u hurt yourself
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