I'd rather not put screws on the wall, any other options?

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Hello all. I have a large clock I want to put on the wall at home. I'd rather not put screws etc in, so looking at other options. I was thinking along the lines of command strips, but I'm open to ideas.

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I had a not very heavy clock up with the command hooks. Came in from work to find it smashed on the floor, one of the command things took the paint away and the other hook is still there because canny get it off

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I've had quite a light canvas up in my bedroom using command strips, it was fine until the recent warm weather and then it just fell off the wall

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I used command strips to put quite a small picture up on our stairs wall it stayed for a fair while then fell off randomly in the middle of the night ..thought we had burglars ! :D

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I put 4 sets of large (weight wise) command strips on mine, it's stayed up fine.

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