I’m looking for a mattress topper

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I’m looking for a mattress topper please.
I have lower back and hip problems and pain.
My mattress I have now is quite hard and makes my pain worse.

Thank you :arrow:

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I've had memory foam mattress topper wasn't fussed on it, I changed to a silent night airmax topper its so comfortable couldn't be without it, got mine on ebay

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Personally I would forget about a mattress topper and get a new mattress if you have back and hip problems.

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You should spend as much as you can afford as the same with shoes because you are either in your bed or in your shoes good luck and hope you fill better soon

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I recently bought the zinus mattress and frame from amazon. I was skeptical but my 20 year futon was causing excruciating pain for two years. I kept going to the doctor then one night I slept at a friends and no back pain. I bought that off of amazon and havent had pain in over 8 months. I recently took a day nap on my old futon and woke up with back pain so clearly it was my old futon. I do need to recycle that thing LOL. But so far the under $200 single mattress from Zinus has been perfect

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I got a really good one from B&M. Can’t remember the price but it wasn’t expensive. It helped my husband enormously - he’d had a stroke and found a normal mattress quite painful. The mattress topper really improved things for him

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