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Before Winter, be sure to set your thermostat correctly. No good turning it up when you're cold or vice versa!

Be patient, spend a couple of days setting your home to an ambient temperature. If it's hot or cold outside, it will always be the same inside if your thermostat is set.

Just because the heating switch is ON, doesn't mean the HEATING is ON!.

Only boil one cup of water for one cup of tea!

Turn appliances off at the mains at night. 'Stand by' mode still consumes energy.

If you live in a 'Soft water ' area, wash colder and don't waste money on anti limescale products you don't need.

Hope this is helpful.

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Heating all depends on what type of home you live in. If you have modern insulation and cavity walls timed heating is fine. If it's the old solid walls then continuous with a thermostat is better because those houses take a long time to get warm but maintain the heat in their bricks so it's best to keep them constantly warm rather than use the energy to keep reheating the bricks.

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The way things are going nobody will be able to afford to turn their heating on and will even be stressing about what they use to cook .

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I won't be able to afford to let my heating on, well I can afford the gas prices but the electric proces outweigh that so that's why I cant afford too, one child moves out this week for uni so I'm glad he will be warm this winter, but I'm so worried about my other 3 children, I have warned them and about to get ready to stock up on warmer clothes like upgrading our dressing gowns etc.

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My heating won't be going on can't afford 2 bills living like this is disgusting in this day and age I know I'm not the only one

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I've told my family that instead of heating three or four houses they can come to my house , keep warm and have a meal. I'm also crocheting and knitting hats and blankets to give away xx

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ladies better to have your heating on low than not at all . Your house will get damp and have condensetion which will cost you more in the long run

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Before winter comes buy a couple of snoodies each. Might be cheaper to get out of season. 1 to wash, 1 to wear. Blankets on legs and fluffy slippers.

Keep all the doors shut, and make sure your curtains closed before dark falls. If you have a heavy curtain put it over your front door. It keeps draughts out.

If you have any rooms without heating in (we have the loo) put bubble wrap on the windows and a thick rug on the floor.

Put tin foil behind your radiators and if you've got radiator covers remove them.

We use the slow cooker a lot in winter. One pot meals are so easy and cost pennies to make.

We have usually not put heating on til about 4pm then only at 17c until about 9pm then off again. Might not even do that this year. Never overnight costs a blooming fortune and no need when you're snug in bed.

We've been penny pinching for years, no choice. Our bill has tripled as we were locked in a contract until june then got the shock of our lives when they said how much it was going up. When it goes up more we don't know how we will cope. Seriously thinking of removing our gas cooker and getting an electric one instead.

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I boil a kettle to fill a flask that gets me through the day as it stays hot for 8 hours

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I had to laugh because I only have a space heater no thermostat. I wear sweaters and jackets and gloves and hats. Also I wrap myself in a heating pad. Jumping Jacks help too

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Don’t worry no one will be able to afford to turn their heating on! :x

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One thing that's not talked about is if your going to freeze so are your pipes

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no point setting your thermostat if you are not in the house, if the temperature dips and your heating comes on when you are not in surely that is a waste of money
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