I want real opinions of the Ninja Foodi duo.. Are they worth the hype?

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I know this has probably been asked a thousand times but I want real opinions of the Ninja Foodi duo. Are they worth the hype?

I’m trying to offset energy costs because my electric oven is definitely not cost effective. There’s me and my 18 yo son in the house. Any help appreciated.


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Lakeland do a copy of the ninja for much less and with a 3 year warranty.

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I wrote a post today about the ninja but its NOT been approved or put on this group!

I cooked homemade chips and frozen scampi for 2 people today.

Draw 1 27 minutes

Draw 2 13 minutes

27 minutes in total on airfry and cost 14p according to my meter reading device we bought . (Plus VAT and standing charge).

I'm with Bulb and charged at 26p a unit so for us it worked out at 14p plus above. Hope this helps

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We just bought a Pro Breeze 5.5L 1800w Air Fryer from Amazon. The basket is not divided which I like as it means I can put a 1lb loaf tin in or a cake tin. Using these I make cakes and quiches and pies. I wouldn’t bother with a ninja.

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There is a Tower version that is cheaper. I have just an air fryer and it has almost completely replaced my oven. The only thing I’m not keen about is the drawers are small so you couldn’t do a pasta bake or something in it. That’s my only reservation.

Let us know what you decide.

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I just can’t justify spending that amount of money, I think it would take a long time to recoup. I have gas cook, use my hob every day, my slow cooker regularly and oven to bake cakes to freeze and use over several weeks.

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I bought a ninja dual zone 4 months ago, have hardly used the oven since then. You can cook everything in it that you would use an oven for. The cooking time is quicker. I have noticed a reduction in my electric.

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Having had a new kitchen less than 2 yrs ago I couldn't justify the cost myself. I also have an electric oven but a gas hob, which I use most days. I use slow cooker regularly and my basic air fryer. Wouldn't say I used the oven once a week and then I cook more than one thing in it. There are 2 of us.
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