EDF aren’t being very helpful and say I need to get the smart meter

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Just after a bit of advice please. EDF have been mithering for months to get a smart meter fitted and I’ve never wanted one.

I went to take meter readings yesterday and the electric meter was blank. A month or so ago it was faded.

EDF aren’t being very helpful and say I need to get the smart meter. Should I get the smart meter or call an electrician and pay to have my current meter box fixed?

Any help would be appreciated… Thanks

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You don't have to have a smart meter fitted but they still are responsible for getting your current meter repaired or renewed with a standard meter ... as an aside the smart meters are good to have if you want to watch your energy consumption and have readings sent automatically to your supplier, however they only work if you have broad band!

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We had the exact thing happen with our electricity meter, one day it just meter randomly stopped calculating usage. Only choice was to change to a smart meter and honestly it’s the best decision we’ve made, no issues with it at all and we can clearly see how much we are using, the best thing is that you no longer have to remember to submit your readings monthly.

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I'd let them deal with it. They can't charge you if there's no readings. My father in laws meter broke and they weren't quick on fixing it. Never got charged. 😆 he even got compensation for his hassles.

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Having a Smart meter doesn't save you money . It saves the Power company money because they don't have to send anyone out to read your meter . I would demand they came out and repair the meter box for you . I wouldn't spend my own money on a repair . I don't have a smart meter .

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i kept saying that had one fitted and now i can keep track and no more meter readings the meter send it to EDF everyday

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Tell them to shove their smart meter and if they want you to give accurate readings come fix the one you’ve got..

They will try the old trick it’s unfixable and we don’t do them meters anymore but still refuse is my advise

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My meter doesn't benefit us in the slightest. We top up when we need to. I only put what I need in the kettle. I have to do laundry so can't help that. Turn lights off when I need to, you know all the usual. I know it's going to cost when we use power, I don't need the meter to tell me that.

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Why don't you want one? There is nothing untoward about them and they send the company readings regularly so you have an accurate bill.

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There is an article in this mornings news about smart meters. Some electricity providers want to increase the frequency of meter readings via these devices. The article says this will highlight when a property is not occupied and could lead to scammers hacking into electricity company systems and then properties may be targeted by burglars. We regularly read about data breaches on computer systems so I suppose this is possible.

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Same here Louise I have messages of them saying they want to make an appointment for me to have 1 fitted I replyed that I don't want one the message failed to send 😅 so they are not that bothered then if I can't reply back, anyway I'm not having one

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You don't have to have a smart meter. Call them to them to sort meter as they are responsible for it don't pay someone to.do it. I had similar with mine years ago and the ofgem said that's part of your standing charge for meter to be maintained

We had new one fitter and not a smart meter

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Don't know why people don't want smart meters so much easier knowing what you use and owe best thing I did

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I'm refusing to have a smart meter. It would make me paranoid. I submit meter readings every month on the app. I'd call them and demand they fix your meter asap

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My gas meter went blank as well which meant the battery in it was done and I needed a new meter. Smart meters are quite good actually as all they do is regularly report the reading to your supplier and you get a wee display thing for in the house which shows you how much energy you're using. Like if you switch the kettle on, it shows how much it's costing you, so helps you keep things in check. It doesn't charge you more for having a smart meter. I'd get your meter replaced asap btw. Mine took 10 months, during which time they over estimated my usage and I've been trying to get a response from them since February to my complaints!

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For everyone saying I don't want a smart meter, just so you know that because they are free to have everyone is paying for them anyway so you may as well have it fitted and then not have to worry about taking readings or getting an estimated bill. If you don't want to see what you've used just don't bother plugging the in home display in.
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