in UK.. What is the best budget friendly washing liquid/ powder and fabric softener?

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UK question: what is the best budget friendly washing liquid/ powder and fabric softener? I tried Tesco own brand and it was horrible but I am not sure if I want to go back to Persil yet.

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Not budget as such, but we always buy branded of both and reduce quantity used per wash by half. We find clothes, bedding etc are rarely dirty as such, simply need a good wash.

For undies, we do use full quantity of washing liquid.

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I use aldi or morrisons bio powder (I don't like pods or liquids. I used to use them and they made my washing machine stink. I've never had any problems with powder). I use aldi or morrisons sensitive softener too (the white one) or morrisons laundry disinfectant on things like the sofa throws (because of the dog!), bath mats etc. I think the morrisons powder is £4 for a big box and the softener is about £1.80. The aldi powder and softener are a little less.

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Aldi’s or Lidl’s own brands are really good - don’t use any fabric softener - it’s a waste of money and is not good for your clothes. If you want your washing to smell nice and fresh use Lenor liquid, a bit more expensive but still a saving if you cut out the fabric softener

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My advice is powder for whites, liquid for colours but always use less than is recommended so your machine doesn't get build up. Also white vinegar instead of softener which is just a liquid wax. Honestly don't knock it until you try it. We buy ecover laundry liquid which is always on offer somewhere and find this better value than highly perfumed own brands. I've also invested in a laundry egg and bought a refill on offer from waitrose. They give you good vouchers every week and I had £1.50 off on top of discounted price making it about £1.80 for 30+ washes. Even at full price the eggs can work out really cheap. I tend to use them on lighter soiled stuff, not tried them on heavy wash.

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I’m sure you can use white vinegar instead of softener or something similar. Cheaper in the long run not to use shop bought softener as it can reduce the life of your washing machine

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Aldis washing powders are really good

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Soda crystals. Mix it was a small amount of washing powder for scent. The crystals are cheap and clean your washing.

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Lidi or Aldi non bio washing powder half the price of Persil & just as good on low temps .

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£3.00 in savers

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