How long do you wash your clothes for?

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How long do you wash your clothes for? I just wash at 40 and it's a 1 hour 25 min I just feel its too long but would they be clean on a lower temperature shorter wash.

Post by Deborah »

I've been doing my washing on 20° for months now, it's the lowest temperature I have and it runs for 44 minutes x if I notice a stain on any item I put on a dab of washing up liquid then along with my usual wash pod I use tescos own laundry cleanser, kills 99.9% of bacteria x my washing is clean and smells good every time x

Post by Avril »

I do either 28 minutes quick wash or one hour 2 minutes for long wash at 40c. My machine is Beko. These are the only settings l use. As the water is hard l never use powder. I use the capsules plus half a cup of soda crystals. They work

Post by Kristy »

Yikes our quick wash is 15 mins, pretty sure cold- I’ve never checked- and our clothes are always clean

Post by Lynette »

I do on a cold wash for 1hr and 6 mins. Clothes come out clean and fresh I use fairy. And vanish on white to help they stay white.

Post by Emma »

I wash at 30 for 30 min quick wash and an extra spin

Post by Jessica »

Check your water and electricity consumption for your different wash options. I used to use a quick wash, at 30 degrees for 55 minutes (max load 4.5kg), now I do a super eco wash at 40 degrees for 3.5 hours (max load 9kg) my electricity consumption has dropped massively and my water bill is down 25% even though we've been watering the plants. Plus a quick wash leaves your washing more wet at the end than a normal cycle, so will take longer to dry in the winter months.

Post by Alison »

I use the quick wash at 30 . It takes around 40 minutes . We aren’t as dirty as we were before the 70’s when hardly anyone had washing machines and a lot of us still didn’t have indoor toilets . Now people have showers twice a day at times . Our clothes get washed the instant they get dirty . My Mum and her friends did a washing every day but small amounts by hand and used the ringer to squeeze the water out before she got her twin tub .

Post by Deanne »

I use the quick wash 40•. Takes 30 mins . There is also a quick 15 min 30• wash too which is great for clothes that’s not too soiled . They come out fine

Post by Christine »

I have a 40 temp 45 minute wash and my clothes come out clean x

Post by Liz »

Without sounding rude, it depends on how dirty your clothes get! Work/school uniforms would need a longer wash than say pjs or loungewear.

Post by Kerri »

If you’ve got an eco mode on your washing machine then use that, it takes longer but costs less

Post by Christina »

I have a quick wash option on my Samsung Addwash 23 minutes on 30 degrees and 25 minutes on 40 degrees. Spins at 1200 but if i want 1400spin that is extra 14 mins but that is still 23 +14 mins 37 mimutes. Can also wash this at 60 degrees if i want to but usually 30 degrees and 1200 spin at 23 mimutes all in

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