Can you do Keto while working out?

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I wondering if anyone paired up keto with working out and if so what exercise *besides walking* did you think helped your weight loss the best. Just got done with my first week of lazy keto and I'm down 7lbs and got a gym Membership.

I really want to loose my mom pouch after having two csections back to back so bonus if it would help that!

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Weight training is the best thing you can do to build lean muscle, which boosts your metabolism and makes you appear leaner.

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If you're overweight, keep your exercise aerobic. Getting your body huffing and puffing from intense exercise (anaerobic) will cause your body to release cortisol, which will raise blood sugar and insulin. This will put you out of ketosis.

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I do lazy keto and workout. I just do the elliptical or treadmill until I burn at least 100

Calories and then I do either legs or arms alternating days. I go 2-3 times a week. I’ve lost 25 lbs.

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Pairing Keto with Intermittent Fasting, Yoga strength, Treadmill HIIT, Weights, Walks and so on. The key for me is always mix it up
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