Would you recommend getting a smart meter installed for gas and electric?

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Hi, would you guys recommend getting a smart meter installed for gas and electric? Thank you

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It took ages for us to get our in house monitor sorted, but so worth it now we have. You can easily see how much gas & electric you’re using & make decisions accordingly. Tumble dryer or iron, air fryer or oven, bath or shower. Really happy we had ours installed.

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I have a smart meter for electric & I haven't looked back, less times topping up a prepayment key & I like the alert it gives you if it's running low too any easy to check the usage.

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I guess it depends what you want it for, mine electronically sends the metre readings to my supplier and I get a monthly bill, the actual meter sits in a cupboard not even plugged in :lol: . If you want it as a way of monitoring and then reducing what you're using it could be a good idea as you've got something which shows usage.

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We have had one for a long time and we love it you can see how much you are using and it makes you feel more in control as to how much gas and Electricity we are using

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I have it and my bills went up... despite what everyone says about 'it only tracks what you're using' .... I submitted readings monthly so I was seeing what I was using anyway.

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I would recommend it. You can see where you are spending the most and my energy bills went down as I was more careful with what I was using.

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Definatly no 'Smart Meter' for me.
I don't know how you can have suprise bills, I send them my readings on 21st each month, (today) they tell me my costs on 25th then they take payment on 7th following month, and I find the cheapest tarrif, admitted there's only me but my combined bills work out about £68 this time of year. No surprises.

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I do, I'm on a pay as you go smart meter, I top up my meters via the app or website. I can see on the IHD how much I'm using, what appliances use the most energy. I've had my smart meters for the last 3 years and think it's great, no surprise bills. And since the hike I haven't had to put much extra on or change the way I'm living. Cheaper than having an extortionate direct debit or bill

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No!! Do not think for a second that energy companies want to help you in any way. They have an agenda which is why at some point they will be mandatory
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