Why my car insurance has increased £400+ a year when I’ve done a quote?

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Would anyone happen to know why my car insurance has increased £400+ a year when I’ve done a quote? It’s due for renewal next month - nothing has changed, same car, same address etc but I will have an additional years NCD.

I’ve not yet received a renewal quote from my current provider and they aren’t coming up as an option either.

I use numerous price comparison sites and all around the same price increase.


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Contact your insurance company, and ask them to quote you as a new customer. I did this and got £450 off my renewal

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If you are the only driver add another driver to the policy mine went down £100 by adding my wife (who only had 1 year no claim) play with the excess it sometimes goes down with less excess as another insurer may make an offer, add and subtract mileage, sometimes it’s more expensive for less miles, also apparently they have gone up if your car is deemed to be a high risk for theft, there is also a golden day to get quotes I think it’s about 21 days before renewal, is you do it within a week you are deemed to be irresponsible (or something that) good luck and shop around

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Not all insurers come up on comparison sites.
I’m with Sheila’s wheels. I only pay £182.23 a year for an Audi A4 2ltr sport. It’s parked on the road as we don’t have a drive. And it’s fully comp for me and my husband as 2nd named driver.

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Myn went up an extra £400 they wanted more now then when I was 17. Despite having 12+ years no claims, home owner and kids 😂 My advice is do a renewal on a weekday as weekend they bump the prices up due to new people buying new cars and look on comparison sites
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