I'm looking at a cheaper way of drying clothes particularly in winter

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Hiya all! So with the cost of everything sky rocketing at the moment, I'm looking at a cheaper way of drying clothes particularly in winter. I have a tumble dryer but obviously they're power greedy!

I've also got drying racks too. We have a spare room and I was thinking about putting the clothes on racks with a dehumidifier in there. Are dehumidifiers cheaper to run or not?

Any other suggestions would be welcome. Thank you!! And over to you!

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I bought a dehumidifier last winter and absolutely love it - my washing dried so much faster, less condensation in the conservatory and it didn't cost much to run at all. I was so surprised at how quick a load of washing hanging on the airer dried when using it.

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Dehumidifiers are the best. Damp air is difficult and expensive to heat. A dehumidifier will take excess moisture out of the air, dry clothes super quick and make your house feel warmer

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I bought my dehumidifier last December & love it - stopped using tumble dryer & won’t be going back!

But I do have a utility room so put clothes on airers and close the door with dehumidifier on. I also still put washing outside in winter if not raining as I am convinced to dries quicker when brought in.

And I would definitely say yes much cheaper to run. Buy one with a laundry setting - got mine on offer from John Lewis

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No matter what season it is outside... if its not snowing/raining...the washing goes on the line... bring it in to air off on clothes airers... job done!

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I wash of an evening put anything I can on hangers hang them on the door frames upstairs put towels over the bannister and the clothes rack next to the radiator- the next morning usually all the stuff on hangers is dry and the bannister stuff the rack usually takes a bit longer- isn't too unsightly as it's just over night a few times a week

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I dry clothes on a rack in the spare room leave the top window open you don’t need a humidifier

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Dehumidifiers are great. I love ours. They are wonderful for drying clothes quicker and stop damp/mold becoming an issue when drying indoors. They're cheap to run.

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I put clothes racks in my spare room. Clothes dry very quickly without any additional heat or humidifier. Have always done this when weather bad, otherwise it’s dried outside,

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I use a dehumidifier next to an airer, been doing this for about 7 years now
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