Why do you write?

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The words drip from my finger tips reducing the pressure in my brain by sharing my imagination with the world.

Why do you write?

Post by Michael »

Self satisfaction comes to me in the act of writing all as much from the physical actions as the product.

Post by Stanislaus »

Because to not write would be wrong.. It's a play on words... See what I did there? I'm hilarious. I should write jokes... maybe even movies.. or a political column...or maybe late night TV stuff...

I know... I'll write a buncha' books and get rich... How do you spell entreperneer?

Post by Jane »

I write because I want the world to see how I see the world.

Post by Bonnie »

The characters in my head whisper to me, desperately wanting me to tell their story. If I ignore them, the whispers turn into screams and I go insane.

Post by Justin »

I've always felt, since I was a child, that a good book is magic. Someone has scrawled these symbols on a page and if it was done just right, you are whisked away to another world. I've always wanted to share that magic with someone else.

Post by Jane »

I make up stories in my brain. It’s natural. I don’t try to do it, it just happens. Always has. When I was 8 my 3rd grade teacher suggested I write the stories down. I’ve been doing that ever since.

Post by Robert »

Because I have stories to tell. Maybe I can't make people see shapes moving in the flames in this day and age, but maybe they'll spend some time staring at lines on a page and share my hallucinations of things that might have been or never were.

Post by Brenda »

Exactly! Regular people do not understand that we HAVE to write! Even if we never become million-dollar sellers, we have to get that story out of our heads.

Post by Wayne »

When left alone for any period of time, my mind will begin to form scenarios, characters, dialog, action - entire scenes will play out in my head. It simply happens. Worse, these episodes continue, replaying the entire sequence over and over, refining and editing the story. The only way to stop the repetition is to write the scene. This usually turns into a novel. Without writing, I would go insane.

Post by Lawrence »

Because if I didn't, the pressure of all those tales in my brain would explode, and it wouldn't be pretty!

Post by John »

Sometimes I read something, and I feel, well, that is absolutely authoritative, no more needs to be written, and this is it: I write for "reducing the pressure in my brain by sharing my imagination with the world".

But no, it is never the final statement, 5 minutes later, my fingers insist i mix that perfect idea, of another, into my own melting pot and forge the entire notion of imagination into places where no man or woman or non-binary being has ever forged ahead before.

And then I read my forging and feel (yes feel is deeper than think) absolute perfection, absolute release of the pressure through my tiny fingers into the galaxies and dungeons of collective mind. I will at last be recognised as Writer of the Year on the Cover of the Rolling Stone.

But no.

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