When you have inspiration for a new book, but you have 2 other WIPs!

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Hi Writers, When you have inspiration for a new book, but you have 2 other WIPs.

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You take one hour, write the synopsis, put it in your loose leaf binder and go on with your WIP. I’m currently working on a Vella I did that very thing with last winter.

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I have a running list of ideas for novels and short stories. My novel list is 43, my short story list is 100+. I see stories in everything and everywhere. I write dialogue for some stories but never anything else. I feel ya.

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Different books grow at different speeds. That gives you a chance to make two or three significantly different

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That is not true. I wrote two completely different books simultaneously. Both were accepted by traditional publishers. One was award-winning and many years later can be found in libraries on three continents. The other was paperback and sold over 50,000 copies before the copyright was returned to me. Maybe YOU can't focus on multiple projects but don't paint other people with your narrow brush. I know many authors who have multiple projects going. They are some of the top names in the field. It may be that one is in first draft and another is in the editing process bhut it is splitting concentration. If cooks can make bacon and eggs, why shouldn't writers make a mystery and a children's book simultaneously? Especially when they publish under two different names!

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I say capture every single idea. Make a super-gestalt outline that's only five sentences long. Capture that soul in a shell that will germinate like a seed later when you have time to water it.

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I see no problem everything inspiration for additional works I'm not going to be able to work on right now. If we are talking about ideas for a basic plot a basic conflict a couple cool basic things and not a complete detail of outline- I get ideas all the time more than I can ever possibly process. Let me say I get ideas virtually all the time not literally all the time when I see people in these open wedding groups here on Facebook list the idea for their novel, their idea seem incomplete much like my own ideas when they come to me but I don't find the scarcity of such ideas for myself I get ideas that can be described in 100 or 200 words for a novel or something all the time the trick is to embody this idea in a fully fleshed fully detail unfolding plant with multiple characters and and subplots and events unfolding and conflicts.

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I'm writing the final book in my Rainbow Warriors series, plus I have the first book in a paranormal series waiting for final edits, but I had an idea for a new book while on vacation and wrote a rough draft.
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