Have you ever made urself the main character in your story?

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I would like to read your comments.. a terrible curiosity: Have you ever made urself the main character in your story?

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When I started writing tabletop roleplaying game scenarios and comics, I created a character that was me within the specific setting of the game - cyberpunk. That character, that shares my musician moniker, Stratos, is still a core character of mine today although we have taken divergent paths over the decades... for one thing he hardly ages and is a real badass!

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Given the process that all fictional characterization is birthed from inside the imagination of the author...one could make the all characters you create are versions of yourself.

Therefore the corollary question would be can you construct a character that is completely separate from the personality of the writer? I would posit that anyone you invent has a touch of you inside them, as how else could you create an in depth and well rounded person to facilitate your story?

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Yes, in my first novel I am the main character. It is based on a true story and it is from my perspective. Our Sister Vacation.

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Since you are communicating with writers, please consider using adult English and not social media child-speak. And yes, I've written about myself in non-fiction and based fictional characters - protagonist and antagonist - on various aspects of my true self.

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Kind of, my mains are my personality split into many, there is the sarcastic asshole, the sweet innocent child, the caring caretaker, the tough militant with a soft core, the daddy, who talks sense into the others and the medic, trying to patch everyone up. My editor also has a character, Juna, who is based on Jana

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Yes, If you knew me when I was in Real Estate, you would recognize Maye West in Murder on Lake Haverly. Most of the people in the book were from characters I met; the names were changed to protect the guilty! :D ! It takes place from the 70s to sort of now, and partly in Washington State and Arizona. I think most of us put ourselves in at least one of our books.

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My main character represents the impulse of most any man unchecked, including myself. He makes the wrong decision 9 times out of 10 and has a lot to learn over the series.
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