Is anyone good with religious proverbs?

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I have a storyline where two men are getting excited over good news. The backline to this is the two men are not sure what they’ve been told will actually happen. A third character enters the room who is extremely religious.

I need a proverb suggesting like: ‚Don't get excited about something that has not happened yet.“ Something similar to the idiom: ‚Be careful what you wish for‘.

Appreciate your help

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Faith is the substance of things not seen

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Why not make up your own?

Like Jonah in the whale, he that awaiteth the light shall be blessed with glory.

Water shall become wine with the ferment of faith.

Just about any parable can be summed up in a pithy apothegm.

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Good, as in making up new ones that sound like they could be real?

I've done that for the new religion I invented for my scifi series 🙂.

How about

The plan is set, but it is not for mortals to know. Don't assume the outcome, but trust that it is good.

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