My new book is controversial

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Hi Wordies, my new book is controversial. I'm using a pen name. So, do I change my website to only have my pen name? Do I create a separate account on Goodreads with my pen name?

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Yes and yes. Otherwise, why bother with a pen name?

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I created a completely separate website and social media accounts for my pen name.

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If you don’t want people to know who you really are, everything will need to be separate.

I write “controversial” fiction in the same vein. Feel free to look me up.

I don’t use a pen name. I haven’t had any trouble, yet. Mostly, they just shadow ban, but they might shadow ban your less controversial work, if they know who you are. The strategy is to deplatform, so they don’t want to attract attention.

Welcome to the game.

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If you need a pen name for it, you shouldn’t associate it with the writing you do under your real name.

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