Let me pose a few questions to any who graciously choose to respond

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When was the first time you realized you were put on this planet to be a writer, or was it something you sort of became out of curiosity, boredom or someone’s recommendation?

Did you take classes somewhere or are you self-taught? Was writing your secondary choice at something creative?

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I've been writing stories since I was five. I wrote a 40 page book in 5th grade. and 120 page book in high school. I recently published my ninth book. I guess I've always been a writer, but I didn't see myself that way until recently.

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I think I first realised it when I watched Sister Act 2, the scene where Sister Mary Clarence tells Rita that if all she can think about when she wakes up in the morning is singing, then she’s a singer. I had been a teacher, but that was the moment I consciously thought I am meant to be a writer, and had half a dozen books written in my head already.

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I hated writing as a kid.

Then I was driven to write a story that paralleled my life.

Now I can’t stop writing.

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I wasn’t put on this planet to be a writer. I was put on this planet to do a great deal many things. Yes, I write. But I also study, travel, have a thriving spiritual practice, speak to people publicly, and more. I think it’s very limiting if we say “this was the one thing I was born to do. :arrow: ” We were born to do many things.

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I wasn’t put on the planet to be a writer. Being a writer is part of who I am. Without the other parts, I think I would be less of a writer. I was put on the planet to be all I can be so I can make the best difference I can. I have spent my life doing that, and now I’m retired, I get a little more me time and I choose writing

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I chose to write a book called What is the greatest thing you would do for Love? to make money to survive and help poor people in Guatemala. No training. Just did it, in one month.

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I've been telling stories since I was a child, but my bias has always been action. Therefore, I went out and lived first. I did study English and Political Science in college, but my life experiences are what inform my writing.

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