I never studied anything related to creative writing

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I wish to go into writing and as a mere high school leaver I never studied anything related to creative writing.

Could any share a PDF document that can walk me through the rudiments of this precious art?

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There are books written about how to write books, whole libraries even. Then there’s all kinds of writing. Do you want to create a story about something real or something you completely made up in your imagination? Do you want to teach others something you know how to do it just riff on “what if”?

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There are no rudiments. Read. Read a lot. Read a lot of different stuff. Pay attention to how different authors do different things. That's how the "tools" are learned. This isn't science, this isn't cooking class; there are no formulae, there are no recipes. Each of us learned differently, each of us does it differently.

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There are lots of formulas - almost as many as there are writers. Some of them are packaged and sold to newcomers like you. Some of them are by people with multiple best-sellers under their belts. Some of them are by people who have read a lot about writing, but are still waiting for their first big publishing contract.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to winnow through the mountain of materials and find something that works for you. It could cost you nothing or it could cost you thousands.

Good hunting!
Ed -

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Hint: Learn about the elements of story. It's going to take tons of research, not a single magical PDF.

Except . . . there is this one book that is often cited even by big-time writers: How to Write Best-Selling Fiction by mega-seller Dean Koontz. Problem is that it's out of print and the used copies cost $260 and up. That might be a magical book that includes the formula for taking a rookie to best-selling author. I heard references to it in various webinars, but I haven't seen it in real life and don't know anybody who owns it.

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No. Please do your own research. Serious writing needs to be treated like a profession that you have to prepare yourself to practice for years.

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