A short horror story.. I need your help

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So I'm writing a short horror story where sound is an integral part of the horror. I'm trying to describe the sound of skin being dragged acrross hardwood floor. In my head the sound would be similar to the sound of wiping glass with liquid but less pronounced, yet I could be off on this please tell me if it is.

The best descriptor I can come up with is squelch, but the example of squelch is a sucking sound as if pulling your foot from the mud or applying pressure to water. Would squelch be an accurate word or is there something better? Thanks to any in advance.

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Is it just skin being dragged across the floor or is it a whole bare-skinned body? I feel like weight would change the sound a lot. I just know "squelch" would definitely not be the right word.

With just skin, you could say a "shuffling sound as if a sopping towel was being dragged across the floor" or something to that effect. If it's a body, I don't see how it would sound any different dressed or undressed. Maybe I just need more details to be helpful.

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Grab yourself a couple of large bags of spuds. Shove them in a sack and find a hardwood floor.

Alternatively duff a sheep rather than spuds.

I reckon you’ll come up with a dragging sound that sounds nothing like you’d expect.

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Grating might be a good descriptor if it’s hardwood floor, as it snags on splinters.

Ew the thought of it!😱 This is why I don’t do horror!!

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