Ahrefs asking $400/mo for "Advanced" plan

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Ahrefs is now asking $400/mo for their "Advanced" plan to go back more than 6 months on site data or even show broken backlinks. Holy moly. Has anyone else noticed that? The broken backlinks tool used to be my #1 "low hanging fruit" way to get a few easy backlinks very quickly.

I swear before they updated their UI and changed their pricing I could see back 2+ years for keyword rankings data. In fact I can't even see an overall graph for keyword data anymore. See attached picture to see what I'm talking about!

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I've gotten many websites to first page ranking using only free or very low cost tools.

Google Search Console is a good place to start. And if you run even a low-budget ad campaign with Google AdWords, more features become availble.

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I made the switch to SEranking and loving it! I know it's not as good but it's enough for me and $30 to start

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They got greedy, Insane cost, I prefer to use less accurate data platform but with a reasonable cost.

Bye bye Ahrefs!

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Ahrefs messed up big time. But because they're so popular people will still buy into their bullshit marketing tactics.
I have also written with them about this.

People should know that the "Light Legacy" plan there is for Lite users at this point will be downgraded as well at some point. This basically means that to get the SAME features as light had a couple of months ago for $99 - you now have to pay $199.

I wrote them an email saying the following. They wrote me an email with some kind of tutorial and I wrote them this: "Arh that's good and all. But you changed your packages to be WAY inferior. I won't ever pay for ahrefs again."

They replied with:

We are very sorry that the “Pay as you go” pricing doesn’t work for you.

For Ahrefs, in general, it allows us to keep the price lower for light users while people who use and benefit from the service more pay more.
Thank you again for your loyalty over all these years!
Kind regards,

I replied back saying:
I know that it's what you tell yourself. It's obviously NOT a lower price for light users. Look at all the features they're missing? What is NEW in the light plan compared to the now "legacy plan"?"

And they replied yet again with:
"I can agree with you on this, the new Lite plan doesn't have new features when compared to the old one. Only the Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise do.

I'll forward your feedback to the team!"

I then proceeded to tell them how greedy they were and asking them a bunch of questions. I got no reply back for 7 days now.

Ahrefs only goal IMO is to milk people for every last penny they can. And while I also want to make money, I'm not greedy like this in any way.

from $99 to $199 for all of the same features is damn stupid.

Ask them about it and they will tell you that it ws demanded by customers. Lol.

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And the pricing is not $400 - it is $400 for 500 clicks and then I think $35 for each additional 500 clicks. Which adds up faaaast and can result in a bill that is several thousand. If you are on a legacy plan don't change. Unless they change their pricing Ahrefs will die.

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So THAT's what happened. I was on a legacy plan that I stopped using for just a few months, so now I have to pay their new ridiculous pricing tiers.
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