Trouble with creating a perfect setting of my fantasy novel

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OK, am back, am having trouble with creating a perfect setting of my fantasy novel am stranded I need help

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There are about 50 sub genres in Fantasy. I am afraid you will have to be a bit more specific.

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Have the world set in a aquarium where there are huge monsters that interrupt the story randomly by tapping on the glass.

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Start the draft. See where you need and create it on the spot. Take notes. Then on revision, add the extra details you created and didn't know we're there at the beginning.

I don't know. Maybe it works?

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It's difficult to advise when we have no idea what the fantasy is about or what sort of person is in it.

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For one, in what language will you be writing that book in ? You know, you can't even tell apart the difference between ' am ' and ' I'm '
Just saying, ye know?

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Settings are like 'characters' in a novel and only the writer can create them. Read lots of fantasy novels to see how other writers create them. Then write and rewrite your own until they 'come alive' on the page. You need to build confidence in your own creativity and you do that with lots of practice writing. Lots of it.

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When you sleep, do you dream? Describe the settings of your dreams and see what you get. Surreal irrational reality, good fantasy setting. Try it.

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I am reaching a point at which I am tiring of people asking others to do their job for them. Writing is creating, not asking others to do the job for them. If you are constipated, it won't help you if someone else goes to the bathroom.

Come up with a plot and then ask the group if they think it will work. That is what groups are for, not to do the creation for you. What happens next time? You will want someone to edit it at no charge?

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Just a suggestion: Brush over the description of your setting for now. Press on with the action and the dialogue. Come back later and make it pretty.

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Ah, yes, your fantasy. I have the answer here in my head in the same way that you kept all the detail that everybody else would need to know in your own head 😃.

Sarcasm aside, how can we help if you don't give us some clues? 'Fantasy' is a very wide category. I'm sure we'd like to assist, but you're not making it easy :idea:

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