What app do you use to write a novel?

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Share your suggestions.. What app do you use to write a novel?

Post by Brian »

I use scrivener. It a great program for book layouts.

Post by Gregg »

No doubt there are apps equal to the task of writing a novel, but you can't improve on an original...loose-leaf paper, pen or pencil.

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Google Docs - so I can write from anywhere on any device!

Post by Delphine »

I use google docs. It allows me access anywhere, it's simple, has good features. It suits my needs.

Post by Carl »

Libre office. Same as Microsoft Office, but without the annoyances and unnecessary account linking and other such BS you don't want distracting you while you're trying to write.

Post by Robin »

Got a new MacMini, which won't work with MSWord (which I'd used for decades) - switched to Pages, and it's actually not bad. Just make sure it's a format/app that agents and publishers can easily deal with.

Post by Donald »

A Parker 51 fountain pen.

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