I’m writing a humorous story.. and need ideas

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Hi all! I’m writing a humorous story for a class I’m taking, and need ideas for things that happen when a solo trip goes awry. Can be anything, but nothing as simple as lost luggage.


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My aunt bought a designer brand purse while she was in Europe. When she tried to bring it back home, they wouldn't let her through security because the alarm kept going off. Two hours later they found out that a seamstress had accidentally left a pair of fabric scissors INSIDE the lining of the purse and they had to RIP IT OPEN to get them out before they let her through. They didn't replace the bag

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One time the airport/customs took my passport to their office (I had to pay a fine for some items I should not have brought in retrospect) and... they handed it to someone else who then left. It was the only airport in town so I knew they would eventually get it back but it was quite an adventure.

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Finding out your gate was changed for your destination flight during a very short connection, missing your connecting flight, waiting on standby only to end up in the middle seat with a person who mutters to themselves and another who gets airsick. ::true story::

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Reserving the honeymoon suite by accident (you‘re not on honeymoon)

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Get on a plane to go to another state using an ID that’s in terrible shape but they give you the okay and just warn you to get a new one when you get back. Then, spend the entire trip worrying and being freaked out that the airport in the state you’re now in won’t be as considerate and you may be stuck.

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A solo trip ehhh, maybe he falls , or she falls in accidently with a sports club on the road, and they kinda drag the person along from city to city, drinking and making merry along the way. And the person breaks free when the unruly group gets chased by police, the person spends most of what's left their money on a train ticket out of there, only to realize someone wants this person to be a second or fourth wife or husband. And gets dragged along even further yet while trying to avoid the awkwardness.

A whole western Europe road trip in a matter of weeks because can't avoid awkward situations

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