Does anyone else find it weird that The Hobbit is considered YA epic fantasy?

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There are many gatekeepers that say I cannot call my books YA because my characters are in their 20s, and yet The Hobbit is considered YA even though Bilbo is like 50 years old, and most of the dwarves are older yet.

I personally think it should be the content that makes a book YA or adult, not the age of the characters.

Anyone agree?

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The average reading level in the U.S. is between 7th-8th grade.

Just look at the success of the Twilight series and that should explain a lot. Hahahaha.

Take The Lord of the Flies. A classic, very adult themes and considered YA.

The most important thing to remember is to be true to your story.

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Comparing your writing to Tolkien is kind of a moot point as I've never considered The Hobbit YA literature despite teaching for 21 years. Adults in YA literature should be worthy of emulating.

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I disagree. According to current definitions, YA books are about older teens growing up and learning how to take on adult decisions and responsibilities, among other things. And they are written for younger teens, because those younger teens like to read about teen characters who are a bit older than they are, but not adults, because that's too far ahead.

Don't forget that The Hobbit was written many decades ago, and definitions of genres and categories tend to change over time.

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In what way do they target that demographic?

I know Tolkien thought The Hobbit was at a kid's reading level, but that doesn't make it YA

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I don’t agree. And The Hobbit was written way before the YA label ever even existed.

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My sister read me the hobbit when I was under five years old. A child grasps many things that an adult has already closed his mind to and the younger the reading the more edfect on your outlook and there is nothing that says we cannot reread as adults for new perspective to add to the old children's literature is my favourite and always will be and always has been
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