What is the better for a multinational site URL structure?

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Any international SEOs in the house? Your thoughts on which is better for a multinational site URL structure (say for a French language site):
  • 1) company. com/fr
  • 2) company . fr
I am leaning toward #2 because it may have better localization.

Post by Vic »

Internationally you should be fine either for search as long as you are consistent.

I like folders bc they are easier to manage in the cms and people i work with have a hard time rmemebrring all the different tlds.

I think users woyld prefer the .fr or whatever they see as local.

Post by Michaël »

It depends on your budget, but #2 is preferred especially if you have local offices. #1 is easier as you just have one website to worry about although managing a multilingual issue is not always easy.

Post by Rob »

Second one every day. You put the user first and they will always trust an .fr over a .com/fr
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