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hi, I have been posting articles for about 2 months now, mostly targetting low KD keywords, i have around 50 + articles but only 14 of them are indexed, I have an only blogging website.

Links are discovered but not indexed, i even tried adding manually as well as updating index everyday

Post by Azizbek »

I think you need to wait, you might be in Sandbox

Post by Benson »

You may consider using RankMath API to index the rest of your articles.

Post by Kim »

Stop doing any of this. You need to know the basic things first. Low KD don't mean it will be easy. 50 articles is nothing if you are in a tough industry. 50 articles is nothing if you haven't done proper research, and met keyword intent. 50 articles is nothing if you haven't submitted the sitemap. And you have said nothing about I mentioned above. And no plugin or indexing service is going to fix that if nothing is properly setup.

A good anology what might be is that are driving with your handbrake on while you only have 3 wheels on your car. You ain't going nowhere. In best case your only going round and round. I can take a quick look if you want.

Post by Sandeep »

Make little bit changes in URL and content, headings your URL will be indexed... I did the same trick and got indexed almost all URLs

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Try to interlink them with the ones that are indexed, create a blog overview page and link from there. Happens to me a lot but the links usually get indexed after I've done all that. As soon as the URL is not a standalone page but tied with others you should be good to go. I wouldn't wait since it's been a while already

Post by Jonas »

Link to Them from Twitter, Pinterest an in open FB groups and use #.

It works on speeding indexation

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Let's be honest, they're probably not good enough. The new algorithm In the August update clearly says helpful, non irrelevant content that's original and unduplicated. It should serve a purpose and answer key questions better than others. Does it do that? If not, revisit every single non indexed posts and try again.
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