I have an existing site that I want to revive and make profitable

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Hello everybody new (ish) to the forum. I have an existing site that I want to revive and make profitable.

Most of the content is 3 to 4 year old info content, so declining traffic is to be expected with no action. But the thing that concerns me is that the number of Keywords ranking in Ahrefs has dropped abruptly from 2K plus to only 30.

I am about to invest in having the 50 articles written for the first phase, but I am worried that the site may be permanently damaged and not rank for these. I don't want to waste 000s on getting the content done if this will happen. I have checked on GSC and there doesn't seem to be any penalties. Traffic seems to have leveled of at around 40 visitors a day, down from 200. There are still 3 or 4 articles ranking top.

So should I invest in the content and go ahead or is this terminal? What does everybody think? I need opinions before taking the plunge!!

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More Optimized Content = More traffic. Choice is yours.

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This is simple - your competition outranked your website. Add new content regularly and do smart interlinking of the articles.
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