What I need to look for in an SEO expert and what should I expect to pay?

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I’m starting to look for an SEO expert for my water, fire, mold, and biohazard restoration business.

My knowledge with SEO is very slim and would like to know what I need to look for in an SEO expert and what should I expect to pay for full service seo work on a local business with the goal of placing on the front page of google?

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You don't need an SEO guru locally, look on your phone for your terms, that is what 80% of people do, now you will need to scroll 7 page views to see organic SEO locally, first 2 to 3 pages are what, PPC ads, what you need, then maps, then organic SEO which will be all huge portals you cannot compete with like home depot and angies list.

The cost to just buy those terms locally is a fraction of a what a real SEO company will charge.

I'm an expert on SEO wrote literally the first book on it in 90's.

Local SEO is a waste of money, buy PPC ads and invest in high ROI,.

The best ROI for a local company, is ads that don't even go to a website, people want to talk to a rep, click to call is all you need, and you will need an expert in SEM to set it up right, google hates click to call ads no website listed, the reason, THEY STOP SEARCHES, you get deals doing it in service industry, I run big portals in the trades, roofers, plumbers, electricians and remodelers as well as contractors.

I don't bother with your industry, 95% is scam artists, sorry, I don't like water and mold restorers, a bunch of gypsies IMEO.

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Price will depend on the cities you are targeting. I work with a few servpro guys here in the LA area. Feel free to reach out with questions.

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Hey, We've done a few Emergency Services companies in the last few years. It's a tough nut to crack depending on your budget and location. Most flood, fire and cleanup have been at it for a long time with big budgets. We were very successful in breaking up the services into channel personas. Meaning, that some channels such as Google call-only ads were great for flood damage especially when there was adverse weather in your target area. Mold and Bio if niched down with longer tail keywords can rank high very quickly. Keep in mind that you may need to go over the top with content, links and technical SEO in order to surpass years of competitors bludgeoning themselves. Find someone who knows the niche very well and can show results AND prior in niche clients you can call for a referral.
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