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Hi all, Canonical URLs... Hopefully this is a quick question.

I have a website which talks about our niche via articles and posts but I am still not ranking for the specific keyword that I would really like us to rank for. I have created multiple posts talking about the same topic and keyword but now have the thought of duplicate content issues?

Now, we use Rank Math PRO and can see that there is an option to set canonical URLs in the advanced tab. As content is fairly similar across 4 or 5 different URLs, should I be setting the canonical URL in 4 of the posts all pointing to 1 main post which essentially talks about the same topic? Would this tell google that 1 post of the 5 is most important and index the 1 post that the other 4 are pointing to?
Any help on this subject would be great.

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For me don't give Canonical. As duplicate content within website not harm mostly... I rank competitive keyword with this strategy, but u need high authority backlinks and great content too...

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I wouldn’t worry about. Unless they are basically the same page. Having “similar” content to me is not enough reason to use canonical in this situation. But I can’t say definitively without looking at each individual page.

A good example of a canonical is if you have a product page like /products/product-name but have the same product page being found in URL with a category page like /collections/collection-name/products/product-name… you want the main product URL to the be one to rank, not the collection URL.
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